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Confused on Where to Begin? Or How to Attract a Disability Workforce?

Trying to include people with disabilities into your workforce goes beyond wishful thinking. It requires a plan that starts with a strategy, includes adjustments, and evaluates success.   

This can be overwhelming at times. But you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to guide you on your journey to being more inclusive. We want you to be the hero of the office with the best strategy to making your workforce more inclusive. 

Inclusion is for You

Before you get started on your journey. You have to ask yourself some important questions like “What are the company’s goals regarding hiring people with disabilities?” and “What does the company need to know before it begins to employ individuals with disabilities?” 

Defining Success

The next step to take is to define your outcomes and identifying what those outcomes look like, then figuring out what needs to be done or changed to achieve your outcomes. 

Implementing the Plan

The recruiting process for many companies is a much defined practice in and of itself.  The recruiting cycle has its own steps from submitting and application, to phone interviews, to face-to-face interviews, background checks, etc.


We Stick Around

We ensure success by having multi-year partnerships. We take the feedback from your staff and create a detailed plan of action based on your business needs. Once the assessment is compete we provide up to 3 curated trainings based on the results of the survey to give you the highest probability of success. 


7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Begin

Do company leaders support the program? If not, what needs to be done for “buy-in” (for example, explain $ benefit for the company, provide compliance education, etc.)

What are the company’s goals regarding hiring people of different races and nationalities?  

What are the company’s goals regarding hiring people with disabilities?

Which individuals in the company should be included in plan development?

Has the company employed people with disabilities? Identifying the successes and failures of past employment should be included in the plan’s strategy.

What would the company want to happen if people with disabilities were hired? How could results be measured? 

What does the company need to know before it begins to employ individuals with disabilities?



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