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Inclusive Hiring: Hard, Important, and Making A Difference

An inclusive hiring initiative gives your company a chance to include diverse backgrounds and perspectives from employees. When your focus on inclusive hiring, it’s important that there is room for growth and opportunity for everyone.

High job satisfaction can lead to a lower turnover rate and higher productivity. Being inclusive in your hiring can help bring higher job satisfaction to your employees. It allows employees to feel a sense of belonging and trust within their organization because they see and work with people similar to them. This can lead to higher quality in the work produced and the ideas generated by employees.

Questions to ask yourself when you want to hire inclusively:

  • What can be done to ensure current employees are open to a more inclusive work space?
  • How would an inclusive culture be formed in the company or organization so that no one feels like an outsider?
  • What biases are present with the workspace currently that could create hostility with inclusivity hiring, and how do we change or modify those biases?
  • An inclusive workplace makes it easier for your company to be relatable, it open doors to potential new markets and targets, and not only diversifies your ideas, but also your solutions.

Ways to make the workplace more inclusive when hiring

Create a open-minded space, where people feel free to expresses themselves and use their voice.

Letting everyone voice their opinions, ideas, and beliefs openly without judgement or bias can allow them to feel valued and respected.

Educate managers and those in charge of teams to help them understand inclusivity

Managers are on the frontline working with employees so making sure they know how to handle inclusivity in the workplace is vital.

Review and rethink policies in the workplace

Policies that could be helpful to review and potentially modifying are recruitment and performance management.

Don’t rule out creating new policies or abolishing some if necessary to help make your workplace more inclusive and accepting.

Recognize and celebrate differences among employees.

This can range from celebrating days or holidays that have significance to inclusive communities like Pride Month.

Respecting people’s identities is important when hiring inclusively.

Making sure to respect pronouns, preferred names, and preferred identifications is vital for inclusive hiring as well, and can help your employees feel more important within the company.

Being inclusive in leadership can also help improve your company or organization.

Here are five traits that are good to have and work on when you want to be more inclusive in your hiring.

Knowledge of culture

Humbleness or humility

Being cognizant of personal biases that could be affecting thoughts and decisions

Being curious and asking questions

Committing to taking action


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