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Recruit America’s Greatest Asset To Join Your Team

Enhance your organization’s productivity, strengthen your organizations goals, and find success within your organization. These are some of the qualities veterans can bring to your organization. Veterans are highly trained in a wide variety of career fields such as Information Technology, Finance, Logistics, Security, Healthcare, Administration, and many others. Their training and knowledge are limitless.

Tax Credits for Hiring Veterans

 Businesses and certain tax-exempt organizations that hire eligible veterans can take advantage of a Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). The Returning Home Heroes Tax Credit provides incentives of up to $5,600 for hiring unemployed veterans. The Wounded Warriors Tax Credit doubles the existing WOTC for long-term unemployed veterans with service-connected disabilities, with up to $9,600 available to receive.

Qualities Found in Veterans

Structure and Discipline

Before you get started on your journey. You have to ask yourself some important questions like “What are the company’s goals regarding hiring people with disabilities?” and “What does the company need to know before it begins to employ individuals with disabilities?” 


Veterans are no strangers to having to adapt to their surroundings and to changes in plans. This makes it easier for them to be flexible to changes in their environment or workload. They know how to do well even with the pressure of working under stress, too.  


Finding loyal employees to your company or organization is important. Loyalty leads to more initiative for projects and ideas as well as trust among employees and management. Veterans are loyal to those that are loyal to them. Their loyalty allows them to be dependable and trustworthy to maintain information within the company, organization, or team. They value the importance of a trait such as loyalty due to their experiences in the military. Loyalty and integrity work hand and hand, and their strong sense of integrity helps maintain their loyalty to their company or organization 

Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Veterans have quite a bit of experience being in teams and working together with others helping them have great teamwork skills. They understand how important compromising and contributing can be to making the team the best that it can be. Veterans also have great leadership skills and know how to lead a team well to help a team succeed and thrive within an organization. Having great leaders that know how to lead without dictating is important, and veterans are a great choice for some of the best leaders.


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